Image or Attention

Image or Attention

Creating your brand identity is so important. The brand is so much more than a logo it is what is attached to your name. Getting your branding right can be the difference between your business being a success or struggling from the get go. It enables your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company, to clarify your offer and to set you apart from the competition.

For the last two weeks I have been walking to work down the local high street. I noticed a new shop had opened and I wondered to myself what does it actually offer?

All it says on the window is CRAVE.

I set about doing some detective work and eventually found out! However, this was only by process of elimination. I discovered it was in fact a takeaway. I began studying their menu to find they made takeaway pizza, piri piri chicken, Posh burgers, etc.

Have this company made a huge mistake by not advertising what they actually do? Where does this sit with the brand identity?

They have gone down the route of relying on image alone. As a potential customer would you know what to expect? With so much competition within this market an image alone will not get them any passing trade. Which would you pick? image or attention, there are ways to deal with them properly.

If they had incorporated some of their offerings into the brand identity, signage etc it would of given a potential customer a clearer idea of what was on offer. Gourmet Burgers BY CRAVE or CRAVE – Gourmet Food To Go.

This will then quite simply attract the attention of passing trade, while still building the brand of Crave! The image and name definitely got my attention but a relevant tag line would of given me a clearer indication of the product on offer.

With peoples natural attention span getting shorter and shorter we need to focus on keeping things simple in order to reach a wider audience.


It’s just the little things like adding your menu or specialities.


Crave Original Signage vs Our Signage Edit (informing you of what they do!)



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Buying A Company

Buying A Company – What Is Your Client Retention Strategy?

When purchasing or merging a new company the buyer or the merging party’s must consider what their expectations are. You have to ensure you have a retention marketing strategy in place to help you retain the current client base. There are many things we can help you with when buying a company.

You may decide to merge a business to keep your overheads down, to bring the business under one roof. However, the number one reason to merge/acquire a business is to bring the client bases together.

One of the fundamental mistakes buyers make is to predict that all of the clients from the new company they have purchased will automatically come on board.

In reality a maximum of only 70% to 80% actually do come on board, sometimes less than this. Why? The main reason for this is due to a lack of or poor communication to the new client base. In reality most companies just send out the mandatory A4 Letter to their new client base and tell them they are now their new supplier / broker / accountant etc

As a customer did you chose to buy the new companies products/services or have they taken the decision out of your hands. This is why it is so important to have a retention marketing strategy in place. This strategy needs to kick in the minute the contracts are signed. Early intervention is key. First impressions of your company are everything – you do not get 2 chances.

CMC – Cheshire Marketing Consultants have experienced knowledge, on how to put a marketing strategy in place after growing or buying a company, that will help companies retain up to 90 to 95 % of the new client base just by being  more creative in the initial approach.



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Why You Should Become A Sponsor

Why You Should Become A Sponsor?

Have you ever imagined being seen as an event hero by your local community? Or even worldwide? It all begins by becoming a sponsor.

Becoming a sponsor increases your chances of being found by your local target audience and broadens your brand awareness throughout your community. Whether that’s supporting a local business, sports team or charity, or giving your services to a local event.

Take Wimbledon for example, the Nations Tennis Tournament, adored around the World. When you think of soft drinks at Wimbledon who do you think of… Robinson’s. Alcoholic drinks, it’s either Pimm’s or Stella Artois. These connections have taken years to forge and are huge, but scale this down to your company and local area.

1. Brand Awareness

The big one: BRAND AWARENESS. Every business wants to increase their brands presence and recognition. When becoming a sponsor it starts by having a great brand to show across event print materials and even having a fresh social media showing who you’re sponsoring and how you’re helping your community or other businesses.

2. Building Relationships

Same with Brand Awareness, when thinking about sponsors for your business, the first thing you would want out of it is results i.e. a load more sales. We’ll help you choose the right business or charity to become a sponsor for, to fit in with your desired target market, gaining more visibility and potential clients with the right audience.

3. Supporting Your Community

To local communities, support is appreciated and very much increases your chances of being found by your target market.

4. Content Marketing

When it comes to sponsoring events and showcasing your support for business and the community, promoting your services and products don’t just come in from these events and word-of-mouth. They drive in from social media and your website also, through social media where your broader audience can see what work you do and how you help by giving your services.

5. Business Personality

Alike showcasing your sponsor support on your website and social media, the type of posts you should be posting and that we can be managing with you, will show how your business comes across to your audience. Showing that you’re supportive, have time for your community and others, and any other personalities or tones that come across through your posts and images.