Marketing Strategy

Reviewing Your Marketing Plan

What have I done so far?

Take a step back and look at your marketing for the last few months, ask yourself the question is it working for me? If it’s not, it’s time for a new marketing plan. You may only need to make a few little tweaks to what you’re doing or you may need a complete rethink of your marketing strategy.

Assess what you’ve been doing, can you actually measure the success of each of your marketing activities. If so and it’s working, can it be improved, if not, are you wasting your time and money on something with little or no return.


Your branding is everything to your company, but when was your branding created or last updated? Is your company still the same now? Have you expanded or diversified? Factors change the effectiveness of your branding, so is it time for a fresh start to your branding.


Interlinked with your branding, does your logo and colour scheme look old and tired? Times change and so do trends, has the evolution from print to web to mobile left you behind, do you need a new design for print, web or both?


The first question should be “what do I need from my website?”, then compare that to what you’ve got. Is your site the central repository for your marketing that is should be or is it just sat there as a basic brochure site?

Social Media

The technological landscape changes very quickly nowadays and what is cutting edge today could soon be obsolete. Social Media in the modern day is a lot different that when it first started, with the ability to target specific campaigns and measure their results. Are you using all the available tools in your social media marketing?


Times and trends change but sometimes it’s better to go against the flow and stand out from the crowd and in these times of the internet and mobile technology never forget about Marketing through Print. Are you neglecting the power of the printed word, a physical product to complement and enhance all your internet marketing?

Direct Response Marketing

Are your DRM campaigns successful? By measuring the results from each campaign, you can then see which media is best for your DRM campaigns.

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