Image or Attention

Image or Attention

Creating your brand identity is so important. The brand is so much more than a logo it is what is attached to your name. Getting your branding right can be the difference between your business being a success or struggling from the get go. It enables your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company, to clarify your offer and to set you apart from the competition.

For the last two weeks I have been walking to work down the local high street. I noticed a new shop had opened and I wondered to myself what does it actually offer?

All it says on the window is CRAVE.

I set about doing some detective work and eventually found out! However, this was only by process of elimination. I discovered it was in fact a takeaway. I began studying their menu to find they made takeaway pizza, piri piri chicken, Posh burgers, etc.

Have this company made a huge mistake by not advertising what they actually do? Where does this sit with the brand identity?

They have gone down the route of relying on image alone. As a potential customer would you know what to expect? With so much competition within this market an image alone will not get them any passing trade. Which would you pick? image or attention, there are ways to deal with them properly.

If they had incorporated some of their offerings into the brand identity, signage etc it would of given a potential customer a clearer idea of what was on offer. Gourmet Burgers BY CRAVE or CRAVE – Gourmet Food To Go.

This will then quite simply attract the attention of passing trade, while still building the brand of Crave! The image and name definitely got my attention but a relevant tag line would of given me a clearer indication of the product on offer.

With peoples natural attention span getting shorter and shorter we need to focus on keeping things simple in order to reach a wider audience.


It’s just the little things like adding your menu or specialities.


Crave Original Signage vs Our Signage Edit (informing you of what they do!)



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