Pay As You Go Marketing With CMC

Pay As You Go Marketing from CMC

Here at CMC we are finding companies are fed up with paying their current monthly retainers. Paying £1,500 to £2,500 a month on 12 month rolling contract for their General Marketing – Graphic Design – Digital Post etc. For companies who simple don’t need it, which is why we’re offering Pay As You Go Marketing.

The question we always hear is how can we measure it?

Here at CMC we sit down with our clients and look at what we can do for them. Working out marketing strategies and investing in our clients needs on a month to month pay as you go basis!

We won’t bury you down with a fixed contract for 12 months. All we need is an understanding of how we can help you with your marketing needs each month. Only charging for what we actually do!

Please call us on 0161 947 4300 or email and we can discuss your ‘pay as you go’ marketing needs.